Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Brownie bitching

Ugh. Slogging through formatting yet another list of volunteer "opportunities" to hand out to parents at tomorrow's Brownie meeting. Did I complain last year about what a crap job it was to be the cookie mom of Sister's Brownie troop and be stuck with trying to make other supposed grown-ups meet deadlines? Did I say how much other parents sucked for making me nag them about giving me troop money on time and then getting mad and pissy with me for nagging them? Did I ever complain about how much it sucked to be PAID to hassle people back when I used to manage a bakery with a dozen bakers on staff? I take it all back. Being cookie mom was just for 2 months. Being a bakery manager actually paid pretty well. Being a Brownie troop leader is for most of the year and you do it for free.

What's REALLY a crap job is having to hassle parents every month to please do something to contribute to their daughter's Brownie troop. Please just say you'll bring a box of granola bars or a bag of apples for the girls to snack on. Please sign up to help with the single meeting you're required to help with. C'mon. We tell you about this at the beginning of the year. Your daughters love love love it when you come. Please send money on time so that we can buy event tickets on time so that we can actually attend the events that your girls voted to attend. Please help drive all these girls to the events. I know they're usually on Saturdays. Did you know that it's Saturday for me, too? Do you realize I'm not your free babysitter? Did you know you're making it so that I really don't want to do this anymore?

Say it with me now--what the hell was I thinking? Again?


joan said...

I guess I lucked out. Our Brownie leader never asked us to lead a meeting which is surprising since she worked full time. Now in juniors the girl lead the meetings. I do bring the snacks. I'm suppose to ask for sign ups but since not much is asked from us I figure that's the least I can do. I don't think our troop is the most active compared to others. My daughter did remark when she was in Brownies her friend in another troop had more try-its.

Mitzi Green said...

what the hell WERE you thinking? i'd kill myself before i'd sign on for that brand of torment. of course, as one who was kicked out of girl scouts at age 11, i've made it a point to distance myself from that organization...

Mama D said...

You touched on it with the "free babysitter" part. Everything that you are saying makes sense. Why wouldn't these parents want to help and be there when needed? Because they have put their kids in Brownies so they could have free time. A cheap babysitter.

It was the same for me when I taught TKD. Three hours of babysitting a week for only $40 a month. What a deal.

And then when it came time for testing and we told them their child wasn't really they were all "What are you talking about? My kid is AWESOME!"
And we were all "Oh really? How would you know since you always drop them off and leave and haven't ever stayed to watch a class and witness their horsing around, not paying attention and slacking off."
And they're all "But we paid our money they should just get to pass to the next level."
Yeah. Okay.

I'm not bitter either.

"Grandi" said...

I'm glad to see you back! I like the new site - green is a much more cheerful color. Caves can certainly be green!
Unfortunately it's hard to get folks to volunteer for anything these days, no matter what organization it is! I wish you well on that!Hang in there!

Belle said...

I, too, have those moments. Every sports season. But I've never been in charge of anything. I mean, you want to do something for your kids and be a part of it, yet, other people make it nearly impossible to enjoy.

cubmommy said...

That really sounds stressful. I don't understand parents if you sign your kid up for something then it is a commitment and you need to do it. You are right these people think of it as babysitting.

People suck sometimes.

Beth said...

God, I was secretary for the soccer boosters.....HATED IT!!! I saw "was" cuz luckily, someone else has that job now.

Hey! thanks for putting me on your blog roll!!

ps. I hope you're feeling better, physically and emotionally. I was worried about you when you didn't write for a while.;)

Mommygoth said...

I said it already, girl. When you told me you were doing it. Still sorry though - totally obnoxious and frustrating - you want I should bring my whips and beat some sense into these hussies? In my current state I could also hack green gray phlegm on them - bet that would get them in line!

Nikkie said...

I remember being in brownies hearing my mom complain about the same thing when she was active in it. Its sad that somethings really don't change!