Friday, October 20, 2006


Okay, quick! Our third wedding anniversary has snuck up on me, and I've just learned that it's our leather anniversary. Leather! A Google search for "third anniversary leather gifts" has yielded either very boring or very expensive ideas--leather luggage, leather briefcases, leather wallet, leather belt, etc. Husband neither needs nor would want any of these things. Anyone out there got any brilliant ideas? Lay them on me, please! If, however, you're a friend of Husband's thinking of doing him a favor, just know that "leather-clad escort" is NOT an option. (One of the expensive options I ran across on a Google search, that one.)

Help me!

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Mama D said...

My first thought was wallet. But I know that is kind of boring. Then I thought of a leather whip, which is kinda funny.

But seriously... Hmmmm. Shoes? A leather keychain thingy with your names and wedding date burned or pressed into it or something. That way he'd never forget your anniversary. Blah. I suck at this.