Monday, January 09, 2006

Getting around to resolutions

Yes, I AM feeling better today, thanks. And this despite the fact that I got up with the baby this morning so that Husband could get a measly 10 MINUTES of extra sleep. I mean, I'll get up with her if you need to sleep in, but make it worth my time and sleep another hour, please! Really, though, I shouldn't complain. This is a man who almost always gets up with Bean even though he's the one who goes to work in the real world everyday and doesn't have 2 chances during the day for additional napping. Make me shut up already.

So I'm finally going to break down and make some other New Year's resolutions. Things I really should do just keep nipping at my brain like little goldfish, so I should just write them down and make myself do them. These nagging little things are:

  1. Stop biting my nails again! I managed to stop for a year, but have started again for some reason. I feel like some neurotic little rodent, eating its own paws.
  2. Start exercising again! I've officially lost even the last few pounds of my pregnancy weight, but I have no muscle tone whatsoever and still look oddly lumpy in my clothes. The whole fat weighs less than muscle and therefore takes up more space phenomenon is at work on my ass and thighs at the moment.
  3. Go ahead and volunteer to lead Sister's Brownie troop next year. She'll be thrilled, and I could really probably use a new perspective on Sister--one where she can make decisions on her own, be responsible for herself, get along well with others, that sort of thing.
  4. Quit whining and just clean the bathrooms once in awhile already! I loathe cleaning the house, and the bathrooms in particular. But I need to just buck up and accept that being a stay-at-home mom means that the housework logically falls most heavily on me. I DO have the time. Here I sit, after all, with plenty of time for blogging.
  5. Keep my old-fashioned paper-and-pen journal in addition to blogging. The 2 are not the same, though I initially thought they would be.
  6. Get more sleep. Go to bed closer to 10:00 rather than 11:00 or 12:00. That way, I might have more energy for sex and conversations with my all-suffering spouse, and I would certainly be less grumpy and less prone to getting sick.
O.k., there, done. Boring as hell, I'm sure, for all those of you who did this like 2 weeks ago. But if I don't write them down I won't do them and it won't be enough to just think idly about this stuff.

Now, off to do some abdominal crunches or something.


Queen Beth said...

Good luck with those! They seem very achievable! I have made resolutions myself, but I'm afraid if I vocalize them, I won't keep them. I think I'm superstitious!

Jess Riley said...

You just reminded me that I should quit chewing on my hangnails! (It's so sad; I'm convinced I'm actually undoing years of orthodontia with this horrible habit.) Good luck! :)

Manhattan Mama said...

Okay -- all I WANT to know is how you ripped those last few pounds off. Here I am with a creature past three, and 5 pounds that won't disappear. So tell me, sugarmama, if it wasn't exercise (which my Prince swears is the only way this works...) was it just eating less? I can give up just about anything. But don't tell me you went caffeine free or my world view will come tumbling down.

Sugarmama said...

I think I should qualify the statement that I've lost all my pregnancy weight. I've lost all my pregnancy weight THIS TIME. I still started out 5 pounds heavier than is my ideal, pre-ALL-pregnancies shape, but frankly I've just resigned myself that it's just there forever. Sorry I'm no help. But the weight did come off a lot faster this time around. I think it's because I fidget a lot. Oh, and with 2 kids I don't have as much time to eat.

RGLHM said...

I swear you just wrote out all the things I needed to do!!! Esp the housecleaning one. You would vomit if I put a picture of my bathroom on-line...or maybe understand why I just can't get around to cleaning it, or the rest of the house!