Saturday, January 14, 2006

Do Yeerks control my brain?

A funny incident with Sister this morning:

Sister: Mama, the beginning of this Animorphs book is really good! It's a little bit scary and a little bit good. It's about these aliens called Yeerks that are really grey slugs.
Me: Oh, yeah? What do they do?
Sister: They crawl in through your ear canal and get into your brain and then they can control you and you can't do anything. You can feel they're there, but you can only move if they let you, and they make you talk. And they can look at all your secrets!
Me: Gross! Grey slugs that look at your secrets? That sounds horrible!
Sister: (long pause) What if someone you loved was really controlled by a Yeerk...? (uneasy silence) But I know that Yeerks aren't really real. (another long pause) I know YOU'RE not a Yeerk.
Me: (smiling benevolently) Of course not, honey.

But damn if I don't feel like a Yeerk IS controlling me sometimes. I mean, the stuff that comes out of my mouth when I've somehow gotten up on the wrong side of the bed like I did this morning...! I feel like a SUCH a bitch mama today. And it's Husband's birthday, too, so I need to get my birthday game face on before he returns from his long Saturday run in another hour or so. On the agenda today? A breakfast of waffles and bacon, followed by present opening. (Hopefully I'll get a shower in here somewhere. It hasn't happened yet.) Then off to the bowling alley for some birthday bowling. I also need to whip up a birthday chess pie at some point, grocery shop for the requested dinner of polenta with sausages and peppers, make said dinner, take Sister to the Ex's house, and top it all off with birthday sex. Hopefully I'll be cheerful enough by then to be inspired and at least a little creative at it, no mean feat with these lactation hormones squelching my general interest in sex these days into near-oblivion. I've gotta snap out of this...


Erin said...

Aw, obligatory birthday sex. My favorite. NOT! Yes, I feel you on the 'ain't feeling like it EVER'.

Hope you do have a good day and a great weekend.

Laura said...

When my oldest was about four he saw "Mars Attacks!" with his dad. He was convinced for about six months that I was really an alien in disguise. When I tried to reassure him I was not, he said, "That's exactly what an alien would say."

Nancy said...

Maybe you can get the Yeerks to get you in the mood for the obligatory birthday sex?

cubmommy said...

LOL! obligatory birthday sex. My husband's birthday is in March and is excited about birthday sex. Poor guy.

I hope you have a great day!

Jess Riley said...

Oh, you're such a great wife! My poor husband is lucky if we take a trip to Best Buy on his birthday and throw a few things he likes in the cart. Have a great weekend!

Mama D said...

Hey, I didn't even have any time to blog today never mind all the stuff you did. Good for you. I may have time for non obligatory sex though. We'll see. I am pretty tired.