Monday, November 14, 2005

Blog shorts

I got my hair cut over the weekend and as always wasn't quite sure how I liked it.
Me: So does this haircut look even more like a mom haircut than my previous one?
Husband: (loyally) No!
Sister: (shouting) Yes!

I dropped Sister off at her dad's house last night. Since my last email to him in which I told him he absolutely would not be taking any of my holiday time with Sister away, I haven't heard from him. We chatted about this a bit and then he, master of the non sequitur, came out with: "I
turn 38 on Tuesday."
Me: Yeah, almost 40, huh?
Ex: Oh, no! I need to get married!
Me: (non-commitally) Hmmm.
Ex: I need to get someone to set me up. Maybe I should talk to your Husband.
Me: (at a complete loss as to what to say. Consider suggesting not staying with his parents every frickin' weekend and perhaps, I don't know, getting a job. But if he doesn't know this by now then me telling him won't help. Bless his heart.)

I have once again volunteered to be the troop cookie manager for Sister's Brownie troop. This after performing the role last year and insisting to myself that I would never do it again. For one thing, one of the parents spent the proceeds of her daughter's sales--about $700--and ended up having to get her parents to write a check to cover the amount at, literally, the last minute before I had to turn over the cash to the Girl Scouts head honchos. (Those ladies DO NOT fuck around, just to warn any future Brownie/Girl Scout parents.) Another set of parents bought many boxes themselves just so that their daughter could have a special badge over and above the regular badge that the rest of the troop got. And then spent the last month of the sale trying to get me to buy them all back with the troop's money. On the flip side, the troop's co-leaders dedicate so much of their time that I feel guilty not doing what I can. Throw a little guilt my way and I'm a complete sucker.


Mommygoth said...

Yeah, well, you know not to listen to Sister - she'll mess with your head. I'm sure your hair looks great, and I'll tell you so as soon as I see it (unless it looks like ass, and then I'll say "oh, dear"). Why in the hell would ex assume your hubby has anyone he would sic ex on? I mean paleeze....

Lisa V said...

I have been cookie manager 6 times!! I have 3 daughters, so it's basically just doing my part.

I had the exact same thing happen with a mom last year, didn't collect the money, sold a ton of cookies and I had to threaten her with the cops. She went to mom and mom wrote the check. A week late, I had to go collect it. They acted like I was a bitch.

I am never going to cookie manage again. I need to say that over and over so I believe it.

Sugarmama said...

Lisa V, I'm glad to hear that it wasn't something I was doing wrong! No one acted like I was being a bitch, but I sure felt like I was having to be and it was stressful since I didn't know these people well. It sucks when OTHER ADULTS require you to treat them like children.
Mommygoth, my hair does NOT look like ass. I've decided I like it, in fact.

Piece of Work said...

So, are you going to post pictures of the new 'do? My hair is so horrible right now I am planning to cut a bunch off tomorrow. Doesn't matter, since my hair looks like ass no matter what I do.

I think you've turned me off Girl Scouts forever.

a nice jewish girl said...

I think there is bad hair in the eighth house er.. whatever. The universe is giving everyone bad hair. Seriously.

Sugarmama said...

Posting pictures, huh? I think that would require that I know what to do with a digital camera besides point and shoot. Stupid in this day and age, I know, but I don't know how. Yet. Note the conspicuous lack of photos on my blog...

NJG, I'm so glad you figured out how to post! You luddite, you. I think I like this hair-do now. She blow-dried it in the salon so it looked very sedate and weird, but I'm just letting it dry on its own with some curl stuff in it and it's quite sassy that way.