Monday, March 31, 2008

Back home

My apologies for my long absence from blogging land, but Husband and I took all three girls to Atlanta while Sister was out of school on spring break. We were visiting Husband's uncle and aunt one night, then going on to spend time with his elderly aunt and cousin (who used to be a professional opera singer in Germany).

I still have a ton of getting home work to do--the usual mountains of laundry and replenishing of groceries, not to mention getting the little girls reacquainted with the concept of a daily routine which they act like they've never heard of before. So more on our trip tomorrow when I can find more time and also the cable to upload a photo or two to Flickr...

Until then, I'll tell you about a conversation with my ex-husband who came to get Sister last night upon our return. He walks in and looks stressed. I ask if he's okay and he says, "Well, I've been taking care of my dad for the last 4 days. Mom's in Hawaii visiting her sisters. (Long pause.) He's sick a lot lately. (Long pause.) It's hard work. (Long pause.) You know, marriage."

Um yeah. 'Cause you definitely didn't know that when we were married 10 years ago, didja?

Bless his heart, as we say down South.


Mama D said...

Yeah, isn't it nice when they realize in some backwards way how good they had it? I know my dad is going through that with his girlfriend who as they've aged is turning into a complete wreck. So much for finding another woman to wait on you hand and foot. Looks like you might be the one doing the waiting from now on.

devilish southern belle said...

Awww, poor ex! /sarcasm.

My kids tell me my ex is completely different than when he was married to me. I hate that he could not have been that way before our marriage went so terribly wrong. But then again...I really do feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life at this moment...even if I am not always happy. And the boys definitely benefit from having him acting as a husband and father should.

But I do love to read about these exes getting their overdue reality checks, don't you?

Bina said...

Ahhhh! Love our ex's comments. Men. And hey, did you know it's okay to talk about someone as long you say, "Bless his/her heart?" I didn't know that until YEARS after living in the South.