Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sore legs

I woke up with pleasantly sore leg muscles this morning. See this?

Vegetable garden to be, originally uploaded by Secretsugar.

And this?

And here are my two big girls:

Girls ready to garden, originally uploaded by Secretsugar.

We planted our vegetable garden yesterday!
I, of course, started out with visions of mama and big girl bonding, Bean incidentally learning a lesson about where food comes from, and just wholesome good fun for all. I should know better by now because it ended up with Bean trying to gouge out freshly planted lettuce with a stick when my back was turned, Sister taking all the broccoli seedlings out of their cells to chill and dry and be stepped on, a bit of worm murder, and me trying to keep the girls from walking all over the freshly turned (and very moist) ground. But it all eventually got planted! And here's the result:

Lots o' lettuce, originally uploaded by Secretsugar.

Salad anyone?


cubmommy said...

I am jealous of your weather and that you get to plant a garden. I want a yard so bad so I can plant a little garden.

You have very cute girls!!

Amber said...

I keep hearing not to plant here until May. MAY!! I can't wait that long! I'm glad you've got your stuff in. If I was still in Vegas we'd be planting this weekend.

Sugarmama said...

Just cool weather stuff is okay to plant for us right now, Amber--broccoli and lettuces and such. Even in NC we have to wait awhile longer for tomatoes and cukes and items like that. Another month or two maybe...

Beth said...

You planted your GARDEN??? You are such a show off!!!!! ;)

I am SO jealous right now...I can't wait till it gets warmer and I can get my hands in some dirt. don't you just love it?

The girls are SO cute and BIG!!

Mama D said...

I'm jealous as well. I have really high hopes about a successful garden this year. My incredibly green thumbed sister has agreed to help me, so it should be in the bag.

I loved the pictures. Your girls are lovely.

devilish southern belle said...

That is so awesome! All my poor herbs are dying!