Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I've got a batch of chocolate candy cane ice cream whirring away in my electric ice cream machine just now. And, having vowed to get back in shape this year, it was all I could do not to guzzle a big mugful of un-frozen ice cream a little while ago.

I am starving today.

I'm not actually walking around with an empty belly here, mind you, since as a nursing mama I realize the importance of continuing to eat well to make sure our littlest girl gets what she needs in liquid form. I assure you, I'm still eating plenty. I just want some calories, dammit! A single day of eating flaxseed cereal with skim milk and bananas for breakfast, vegetable-barley soup and a cheese quesadilla for lunch, and no, repeat NO, brownies out of the freezer or any of the chocolate we have lying around or even a freaking gummy worm has me thinking of nothing but what high-calorie high-fat snack I could possibly justify right now.

If I can hold off til after dinner, maybe I'll have just a little cup of homemade ice cream though. It's not good for the mama to be utterly deprived, right?

Getting rid of this 20 pounds will be hard.


Beth said...

ohplease....just take Bean to the park and chase her all day! That should just about take care of 20 pounds that only YOU can see!!!! I bet you didn't even GAIN 20 pounds with this pregnancy! Cuz if you did, you must have been Nicole Ritchie skinny before you started!!!

Suzanne said...

I'd be not just hungry but also the crankiest person ever. Enjoy your ice cream!

Devilish Southern Belle said...

I understand the frustration trying to get extra weight off, believe me! I'd have the ice cream, but just a small bit. If you deprive yourself, you'll only obsess over what you're not getting, and then binge! So go ahead and have a small bit :)

Happy New Year!

Joan said...

Hopefully the weather is turning milder. Maybe you can take the littlest one out strolling.