Friday, January 05, 2007

Trying again

Husband and I are talking about getting pregnant again. Or rather, we've both mentioned it in passing while discussing new health insurance policies, Bean's development and such. As for talking about our hopes for another baby...well, we're both too scared of another miscarriage to talk about it like that.

Next week, we're going to a genetic counselling appointment so that Husband can be tested for the cystic fibrosis gene that I carry. If the news is good--and the odds are that it will be--then we'll try again. I don't know yet if I'll talk about being pregnant quite so early. It's difficult to go back and tell everyone that you're no longer pregnant if the worst happens. But having no one know about it all doesn't sound too appealing either.


Beth said...

you know what...I've never had a miscarriage, but Imy sister in law has had 4 of them, so I know how devastating they are. I will be praying for the best outcome for your family.

babies are nice...but so are the ones you ahve now. I was so sad for you, the last miscarriage you had. My heart hurt for you.

Belle said...

All of that is definitely understandable. I hope it all goes well :)

cubmommy said...

You will know when the time is right. I hope every thing goes well.