Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shitty feeling

There's nothing quite like learning that my Husband has been looking up one of his old girlfriends to make me feel like a dumpy, boring, suburban fucking housewife. And just for the record, I did NOT learn this by snooping on his computer. He accidentally revealed it to me himself while looking something up on Google to show me as I sat beside him.

Hey, if there are any male readers out there? Making your wife or girlfriend feel unglamorous and uninteresting is not the way to get a piece.

Now I feel like I need to go out and start a revolution or something...


Beth said...

Oh god...I SO need to write you. I went through something like this not too long ago....not exactly like this, but I felt the saem way you are feeling now.

I only know you through your blog, but I can tell that you are NONE of those things that you are feeling. You are a beautiful woman, a fantastic mother, and I bet a really good lay! ;)

Have you tried talking to him about this? Does he know that it has hurt you? WHY was he looking up an old girlfriend? it could be totally innocent...well, it could be!!!

I hope you feel better. I'll be thinking about you.

joan said...

I agree with our blog buddy Beth. You don't seem boring to me at all. In fact when you write about your interests, I feel like the boring one. With that said, I can relate a little to where you're coming from regarding the suburban housewife thing. My husband and I had a "discussion" yesterday. I feel very limited about my career options and even social options at times because of the nature of his job. He works long hours and is out of town often.

Manic Mom said...

Hi Sugar Mama--I look up ex boyfriends ALL THE TIME. Have you never googled an ex? It doesn't mean the hub is wishing for anything else in his life, seriously! Don't feel bad about it.

Thanks for popping back over to Manic's. Nice seeing you again!

Sugarmama said...

You're totally right, Manic. He's certainly not the only person to look up exes around here on occasion. I think it bugged me given his rather increased interest in internet smut lately. Ex-girlfriend interest plus more-than-usual porn interest equals insecure wife. Normally, I'm ok when these 2 things are kept separate. A big fat dose of PMS didn't help.