Monday, June 05, 2006

Getting ready to sell

Please to forgive. I'm going to be a bit of a one-trick pony for the next little while as I work through this monster of a to-do list we've drawn up enumerating the many, MANY things we have to do to get our house ready for sale. Thankfully, there are professionals who can do things like power-wash little girls' chalk pictures off of brick houses and who can easily fix the two-fold problem of moss growing on concrete porches because of leaking gutters. The bad side of it is that there will be many, MANY checks to write over the next couple of weeks. I only hope that we'll make up our outlay when we sell the house for our full asking price--whatever that ends up being--within hours of our actually listing it--whenever we can manage it. I wake up nights now trying to think of what items I'll have time to do in between keeping Bean entertained and fed. I discovered today that she very much enjoys UNpacking boxes. Not helpful, baby girl. Not helpful.

Whoops! There goes Bean now, waking up from her nap. My poor baby has been trying to get some molars for a few days now and hates her own mouth at the moment. One big tooth is half-way through, but the other is stubbornly refusing to surface. We've all got a lot going on just now.


Mama D said...

You are so forgiven, of course! I hope everything goes great with the package and the writing of cheques and so forth. Maybe you can trick Bean with a box full of things you don't care if she unpacks. Then again, maybe not. Hope those teeth come through soon. As for us, we (A) still have no teeth. I call her toothless wonder.

"Grandi" said...

Since we just sold our house for an outrageously inflated price - in 1 week, full price - Our realtor suggested this and it sure seemed to work for us: De-clutter every room and stick any non-necessary toys and furniture in a storage unit! Your rooms will suddenly increase in size and prospective buyers will be able to imagine their own stuff in there easier.

It also made it emotionally easier to think about it selling, because it didn't look like mine any more!

One of the houses we looked at to buy had at least 15 plants in the living room and there was incredible clutter on every surface and toys urping from the closets. I think the house could have been nice, but it was so messy we could hardly wait to get out!!

Good luck on the sale of yours - the new one will be so fun!!