Friday, December 21, 2007


Alright, this just happened. I caught a whiff of poop-stink wafting my way from Bean's direction. I asked her, "Bean, are you poopy?" She replied gleefully, "Yes, Mama, I have a giant poop!" I plopped her down on the changing table and her feet are propped up on the wall, she's so big. She held her nose the entire time I changed her, asked me, "Is the poop all gone now?" before daring to unpinch her nostrils, and then complained when she still smelled poop in the air around her.

What do you think? Time to potty-train this 2 years and 8 months old girl? I mean, if she's using adjectives to describe it and all?


cubmommy said...

I wish I could get my 3 year old to use the potty.

Merry Christmas!!!

Joan said...

You just gotta go with what you think is right for your child. My son was 3. My daughter demanded to get out of diapers at a little under 26 months despite my objections. I thought she was way too young but she did fine. It sounds like Bean might be ready. She's not showing any signs of regressing due to the Little Angel in diapers is she?

Beth said...

ya, I'd say go for it...if she's not ready, she'll let you know!

Have a Merry Christmas sugar Mama!!! Enjoy those babies of yours.