Sunday, December 09, 2007

It is NOT gas

Winner, originally uploaded by salutor.

Can you honestly tell me that this giant baby grin has anything to do with gas like Husband says? And why would a baby be grinning because of gas anyways? I say my baby is smiling on purpose because she's on her mama's lap with a belly full of warm milk.

So there.


Beth said...


She looks just like Bean!!!! How cute is she?!! And I would say that's a REAL smile!...she smiling from her toes even!!!

Sugar Mama....she's a keeper.

Beth said...

what happened to my post? Do I not know how to spell?!!

Devilish Southern Belle said...

She is positively adorable!

cubmommy said...

So precious!!!

She is a happy baby!

Mama D said...

I second the belly full of warm milk!

Joan said...

How cute!

Anonymous said...

She does look a lot like Bean, doesn't she? An even combo of you and Husband. I've always thought that "gas" smiling business is bunk - just like the "babies cry to get their neurons working", or something like that. Congrats! Are you glad that was your last labor?

Sugarmama said...

Yes, anonymous person who seems to know me, I AM glad that's my last labor. I'm having second thoughts about her being my last baby, though. It's probably just the milk talking.