Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still pregnant

I went to my second midwife appointment today and was relieved all over again when she heard the baby's heartbeat without a problem. I had a few hours of paranoia beforehand, imagining that it all would've gone wrong again, but everything's fine. I'm not sure when this will really stop becoming an issue with me. Maybe next appointment?

Tonight, though, Husband and Sister and I perused a book of baby names and had great fun tossing out names we liked and mercilessly mocking those that were stupid. Sister really likes Bert and Maximus. Ahem. These are a vast improvement over her choices of Star Blossom and Sparkles for Bean, however, so I'm going easy on her.


cubmommy said...

Wonderful news! I know how you feel hang in there. With each appointment it gets better.

I am so happy for you!

Manhattan Mama said...

Hey-- congrats!!!

I remember pregnant with The Rabbit calling at least twice and zooming uptown to my OB because I was convinced there was something wrong. And of course, I was wrong.

As for names -- You seem to have a record with names, so I have no doubt the littlest bean is going to be crowned with something as lovely, and unique.

Mama D said...

I for one am enjoying'Sparkles for Bean' and think that is a perfectly acceptable name. ;P