Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

It's been a quiet day today. Husband went to work, Sister was at her dad's, and Bean has maybe a little intestinal bug that's keeping her energy very low. I tried to squeeze in some planting during what I was assuming would be a very long naptime, but only got 2 things in the ground before she woke up. We spent the time between 3:00 and 5:30 just idling inside--reading, playing with beads, lolling on rugs in various rooms, and watching DVR'ed episodes of Elmo's World, skipping through the 40 minutes of Sesame Street before it. The whole world seems to grind to a halt when one of the kids is sick. No one called and only a couple of emails landed in my inbox.

Slow time is nice, even if a child has to be sick before I let myself take it. But pretty soon I'm going to have to slow down. I'm getting a belly and it's already getting too damn hot outside to keep planting. (I told myself last week that once I got the last few things we'd already bought into the ground I'd call it quits for the summer--but then went shopping at a super-cheap, huge nursery an hour's drive from my house and got a couple dozen more perennials. As soon as they get into the ground then...)

Anyways, school's almost out and Sister and I will both get a much-needed break from the school routine. I'm so looking forward to a lazy summer with my girls.


Joan said...

I can't wait for school to be out. My daughter getting on the bus at 6:45, making lunches for both kids, end of the year projects, etc. is wearing on me and I'm not pregnant!

Mama D said...

Elmo's World. You know, we DVR it on it's own. You should see if you can.

"How do you walk your dog Mr. Noodle?"

The other day I was running around like a maniac. So stressed, so tired. And then I rocked with A in a chair and I thought, crap, this is nice. I could stay here all afternoon. And usually I'm wanting to get her to sleep and move on to the next thing. We need to take some down time.

Especially you. And your belly. Which I'm sure is adorable and which you should take pictures of and post them on your blog!!!