Monday, December 11, 2006

The party is over

I'm feeling somewhat less poisoned today than I did yesterday, though--let's be honest here--hangovers take a lot longer to get over once you're past 30. Am I right?

Our party was a whopping succes, if I may say so. Many people came and had fascinating conversations with each other. Everyone loved, loved the food that I made, and they drank so much liquor I was actually shocked. Seriously, me shocked about everyone's liquor consumption! Nearly ever guest showed up with a bottle of wine in hand, but then left it on a side counter and made a bee-line for the cocktail table. I mixed drinks almost continuously all night long. We started out offering gin fizzes and whiskey sours since I had made my locally famous sour mix. When the sour mix and the gallon of gin and the fifth of whiskey were gone, we switched to mixing bourbon and ginger ale and cosmopolitans. Then the fifth of Maker's Mark and the gallon of vodka and the fifth of Cointreau were gone, so we mixed rum and Cokes and white Russians. Our liquor cabinet is down to the weird stuff now--Pimm's and pear liqueur and peppermint schnapps and that sort of stuff. But at least we won't have to buy any wine any time soon. Not that I feel up to having any yet.

Some highlights:

  • The food was almost all eaten! This thrilled me because there have been parties in years past where not enough people showed up or cared to eat and we had a lot left to put away and eventually throw away afterwards. Plus, it's flattering as hell when your food gets eaten!
  • One neighbor woman got so drunk she started talking shit about another neighbor woman, who overheard her! Ouch!
  • Only one glass got broken! But many cute glass swizzle sticks with seahorses on them that I put out just for kicks bit the dust.
  • Bean had a great time for about an hour, but went immediately to sleep when I put her down, despite all the loud shrieks and music coming from downstairs. What a good baby!
  • Husband got many people to play this weird hand-shocking, reflex-testing game during the course of the party and all of them thought it was hilarious fun. Most of them were male, but I didn't need to tell you that.
  • Me doing and saying several embarrassing things to party guests that I wish I hadn't. I'm not even going to say them here because...well, at least one of them is SUPER embarrassing. Okay, I'll just tell you. I pinched someone's nipples and cussed at him for saying something extremely scornful to his wife in front of me. There. Just so you know, I am mortified now that I am no longer drunk. Hopefully I won't have to see him ever again.
But I figure if you wake up with a sense of unease that perhaps the party was a bit TOO out of control, then it was probably a damn good party. Everyone left smiling at least, including pinched-nipples guy.


cubmommy said...

Sounds like one hell of a party. I bet the guy liked his nipple pinched. Everyone left happy then that is a success.

Hangovers after 30 do suck!

Suzanne said...

Wow! Sounds great. I don't anyone who gives parties like that...

What kind of food did you serve?

Hope said...

I want to come to your next party! Please do tell us what kind of food you served and how the chefs reacted (to the food, not the nipple pinching!)

Beth said...

I want to come next time! sounds like you all had a great time. So what all did you make to eat?

Pinched nipples, huh? In my house we call those "purple nerples"

Suburban Gorgon said...

Oh boy. I'm guessing the nipple pinching happened after I left, huh?

Nikkie said...

Sounds like that was a great party! I'm glad it was a hit!

Belle said...

You're right about the hangovers. Not only that, but I seem to stay drunk much, much longer these days, too.