Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sad fat foodie mama

My to-do list is mercifully light today, and the calendar empty of after school activities for Sister. Which means that I feel fully justified in sitting here during naptime writing blog fluff.

Today was the first day in quite some time where it was cool enough to require something rather heavier than cotton capri pants and vintage cotton house dresses. I busted out my favorite pair of jeans this morning in the early chill, all thrilled that I got to put them on again. Pulled them up with perhaps a slightly harder tug necessary to get them over my hips than I remember them requiring. Zipped them up...but that needed a bit of force. Then buttoned them and fastened my belt and looked in the mirror. Damn. When the hell did my ass get so big? I was so crammed into those jeans I felt like a total trashy slut mama walking Sister to school.

Better start laying off the ice cream. And the gin. And the jellybeans, amaretti cookies, butter mints, roasted nuts, buttery mashed potatoes, and everything else I love that's a routine part of my eating week. Ugh. I think this gets suddenly harder the minute you turn 35 or something. Or maybe it's this stay at home mom gig where food keeps me company all day.


Mama D said...

Making a birthday cake for A meant I was taste testing a lot... and now there are left overs. Sigh.

And I still haven't made it to the gym.

Yeah. I know what you're talking about.

Joan said...

I had the same problem w/my jeans today ... ugh

Brony said...

It's all the yummy summer treats :). I think we all have that problem.

I wonder if it has something to with the fact that I love my snacks?

Suzanne said...

It's clear that the jeans shrank over the summer, silly.

That's what happened to mine. It must have something to do with the humidity.

Stacie said...

yeah, WTF! I cannot get rid of the tire I am somehow aquiring! 37, two kids, YIKES!!! I love the feeling of putting (well fitting!;)!) pants on after a season without! Scrap the vitles, keep the gin!