Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Job widow

"Whatever you believe you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."--Goethe

I'm not usually the inspirational quote kind of girl, but this one has stuck with me since the first time I came across it 15 years ago or so. Lest you feel all impressed and daunted by how erudite and well-read I am and shit, let me just say that I read that in the context of some magazine article about someone who climbed Mt. Everest. Can't even remember who it was, and I probably read it while waiting in a doctor's waiting room or something. See? Not so clever as all that.

But anyways, it popped into my head this morning randomly, probably as my sub-subconscious was mulling over Husband's recent job change. I haven't blogged about it recently because it occurred to me that I was being rather indiscreet, blabbing the details of his work life over the internet when things were still undecided and tense. Now I can tell you that he turned in his letter of resignation yesterday. His plan is to start his own on-line marketing agency, and already has a couple of clients lined up, and even a few people begging him to be their marketing directors if that doesn't work out. He appears to be good at what he does, though don't ask me exactly how he spends his working hours. Couldn't tell ya.

So last weekend he spent part of Saturday and all day Sunday working on this new venture, meeting with people he knows, and going over potential contracts. I had thought that this was an exceptional event and that once he was no longer still working at his current job he'd have normal working hours again and we'd have weekend family time again. Last night when I mentioned that I'd be glad when this was settled down some, he let me know that it may not. Starting your own business requires very long and often irregular hours, he told me, and though he didn't plan to work every weekend, he couldn't promise me that he wouldn't. And then he said, "I may have to work all the time just to pay all the bills." Which, how can I argue with that, being one of the people he's supporting?

I lay there awhile thinking all these things that started with, "But I...." You know, like, "But I need you to give me a break from the baby sometimes!" and "But I really want us to be able to do things together as a family on the weekends!" or "But I hate it when you don't show up for dinner and it's just me and the kids sitting there, and me all pissy because I just spent the last half hour cooking with a screaming baby clinging to my legs." Feeling sorry for myself, I eventually fell asleep.

Sort of hard to think of Husband's new thing as full of genius, power, and magic when the kids have nearly pushed me over the edge, but hey! I'll give it a shot, okay, honey? Y'all just think thoughts full of genius, power, and magic my way.


Suzanne said...

I can empathize with you here. My husband isn't self-employed, but he does work a ton of hours. And since I am working just part-time while taking care of the kids, I feel churlish about complaining along the "but I need a break" lines. So I just do it internally! And on your blog, apparently...

The leap to self-employment is a big one -- I wish your husband all the luck in the world!

Joan said...

My husband has a crazy work schedule though he works for a company. He isn't out of town as much as he use to be but he works weekends sometimes. The worse part for me is that his schedule is day to day. It is very difficult to plan. That's the main reason I took a job as basically a glorified bookkeeper instead of an accountant so I could have flexibiilty and fewer hours. I could go on & on!
Hang in there.

Mama D said...

I have gone to sleep feeling that way oh so many times.

I am definately sending good vibes your way.

I'm sure all will work out and it won't be as bad as you may be expecting. And maybe, just maybe when it all gets off the ground and is going all smashingly he'll get even more free time than he had before!!!

Fingers crossed.

Lauren said...

That's exciting! But you and he do need to set specific boundaries, in time and space, and write down what you have decided. Will he work at home? He needs to have set hours to some extent so that you can plan. And don't let him say that's not possible.

Good luck. Overall, a great opportunity, and it sounds like there may be jobs waiting for him should he decide not to go it alone.

amerimeximadre said...

I hate being a work widow. My husband is developing a business here in Mexico and I am alone with the kids A.L.O.T.!! I feel for you! I hope things pick up and you have a hubby again!

Brony said...

Wow that is quite an adventure you will be going down. It is a huge leap, but he sounds ready for it.

Best of luck with everything.