Thursday, March 22, 2007


I'm a bit...not burnt-out on gardening today exactly, but maybe a little garden weary. As I've mentioned before, gardening has been taking up all my baby-naptime for the past few weeks, hence the very scanty blog posting during that time. Today the sun in shining, the birds are singing, and there are pots of things to plant scattered in the yard, but I just can't get motivated. I'd rather be inside working on my springtime pillow project and hearing the birds sing through the window. Probably Bean having a bit of a cough that had me up with her--count 'em!--4 times last night is contributing to my weariness.

Some good things: my very best girlfriends are probably coming over to my house for a sleepover at the end of April when Husband is out of town on a fishing trip. I SO hope it comes together, even if I do still have to get up with Bean the morning after. I'm feeling a bit weary with the everyday household routine, too, these days. Wake up, take a shower, let the dog out, get the kids up, make breakfast, empty the dishwasher, etc. I could use a little novelty in my routine.

But wait, I was planning to list good things going on here, so what else? Fried catfish and buttermilk biscuits for dinner last night and country ham biscuits for breakfast this morning. Sometimes, some good Southern cooking is in order, at least in this household. Also, Sister woke up happy this morning because it was picture day at school. We had fun giving her a little hair-do with what little hair she has in her pixie cut before she left--a pleasant little mama and big girl interlude. Another ceramics class to look forward to on Saturday--have I mentioned that I've been taking ceramics classes lately? I don't remember.

Sometimes life just sorta ticks by, doesn't it?


Joan said...

Your sleepover sounds fun.I hope it works out. I feel like my social life is really lacking. There is a huge party going on downtown here tonight with Chris Daughtry playing. We got invited to go with friends but have to pick our son up from his school when he arrives back from Charleston later this evening. Figures. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy this weather.

Beth said...

Man, I would LOVE to come to your sleepover....look at me just inviting myself over! ;)

Let's see some pictures of all this gardening!

Mama D said...

I get the weary thing. I really do.

I seriously would like to come over to your house for any meal.

I hope the girl sleepover thing works out. That would be a great lot of fun.