Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Running numbers

It's been a helluva day. In the last 24 hours, I have gotten up with the baby 5 times over a mysteriously wakeful 2 hours, filled and dumped 12 wheelbarrows' full of mulch from a 20 cubic yard pile newly dumped in our front yard, planted 3 bottlebrush plants, moved dozens of stones into a new border, spent an hour and a half helping Sister with her wretched math homework, purchased 2 hours' worth of landscape design services at a silent auction fundraiser at Sister's school, rung up approximately $4000 worth of sales within half an hour as a volunteer cashier at same, packed one nutritious lunch, and assembled one Colin Powell costume for Sister to wear at her class' "Blacks in Wax" exhibit first thing tomorrow morning.

Yes, I said, "Blacks in Wax."

Fortunately for me, it is now officially wine thirty and time for this mama to sit idle.


Mama D said...

Yeah, that sounds like about three days worth of work to me.

Belle said...

You've been incredibly busy!

Amber said...

Seriously you've got to look into the 'soaps and bon bons' thing that the rest of us are doing.

I think you deserve a rest too.

Joan said...

I'm tired out just reading your post!