Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What not to do with your sister's colored hair gel

I swear, every time I turned my back on Bean yesterday she was doing something godawful. Witness this goopy mess of a toy here. What happened was that I left Bean and Sister playing happily upstairs while I went downstairs to make dinner. A few minutes later, I hear Sister wailing, "Oh no!" I went to see what was amiss, and found that Bean had climbed from the toilet to the bathroom counter where she was then able to reach the medicine chest. Fortunately, we don't keep actual medicine--which Bean thinks is "tasty"--there. But we do keep Sister's vast collection of colored hair gels there, and Bean had emptied 3 of the tubes onto this unsuspecting stuffed critter.

Other shenanigans yesterday: pulling all the flowers off a shrub in my front flower garden, catching gold fish from her father's pond (which always ends in fish death), yanking Sweet P's legs out from under her while she was crawling several times, and I can't remember what all else. It was a rough afternoon and I was near tears by the time Husband made it home (late).

Today's looking better, despite a rough night with the baby not sleeping. But apparently an hour of mama time first thing in the morning, even after very little sleep, cures most of what ails me.


Beth said...

oh Bean!!!!!! THAT girl will be ahandful when she grows up!!! ;)

CelticMommy said...

My oh my! I would never admit it on my blog... I really should, but in-laws of many sorts read my blog... but Ro is a kamakazie no fear lunatic! Last Tuesday, it was, pull frames off the wall, be a mud man running nekkid in the backyard, almost crawling out of the shopping cart... and then crashing into the candy aisle. I felt like such a crappy mom that day!

I hope the teddy bear comes out clean in the wash. For me, a bite of chocolate and some seriously deep breathing might calm me down a bit. No dead fish here to deal with, so you're a brave Mama!
Hugs, Hettie

Joan said...

She is very spirited which means she will grow into a wonderful adult - not much consolation for you right now.
What is it about hair color? My daughter has this stuff which looks like mascara to make her hair blue. Now she's asking for permanent blue streaks.

Suburban Gorgon said...

Oh dear. I hope that's not the colored hair gel I gave Sister. I would hate to be even partially responsible for such a mess. Except that it's so funny!!!

Mama D said...

Ah but it makes such a great picture!

I hope her shenanigans slow down soon and she give you a break.

And that the baby sleeps. And sleeps. And sleeps.

Bina said...

Holy Moly!!! Yea, I would be crying, too. That's all I'm saying.

Bina said...

I know I posted already, but I came to see if you had anything new to say, and I just laugh every time I see this picture!